1529Nov 3The first Reformation Parliament for five years opened in London, England and the Commons put forward bills against abuses amongst the clergy and in the church courts.
1639Nov 3Martinus de Porres (69), Peru saint (patron of social justice), died
1640Nov 3English Long Parliament assembled.
1716Nov 3In the Pacification Treaty of Warsaw Czar Peter the Great (1672-1725) guaranteed Saxon monarch August I’s (1682-1718) Polish kingdom.
1796Nov 3John Adams was elected president.
1862Nov 3There was a battle between gunboats at Bayou Teche, Louisiana.
1883Nov 3U.S. Supreme Court declared American Indians to be “dependent aliens.”
1885Nov 3Tacoma, Wa., vigilantes drove out Chinese residents and burned their homes and businesses.
1891Nov 3Louis L. Bonaparte (78), English-French linguist and senator, died.
1896Nov 3J.H. Hunter patented portable weighing scales.
1897Nov 3David Schwarz of Austria crashed his 156-foot aluminum powered airship with 2 propellers on its maiden flight.
1908Nov 3Republican William Howard Taft was elected the 27th president, outpolling William Jennings Bryan.
1912Nov 3The first all metal plane was flown near Issy, France, by pilots Ponche and Prinard.
1920Nov 3“Emperor Jones” opened at Provincetown Theater.
1927Nov 3Rodgers’ & Hart’s musical “Connecticut Yankee,” premiered in NYC.
1942Nov 3The 12th day of battle at El Alamein (Egypt): Scottish assault.
1943Nov 3SS and police units shot at least 6,000 Jewish inmates of the Trawniki and Dorohucza Labor Camps.
1949Nov 3Solomon R. Guggenheim (88), US art collector, died.
1955Nov 3Argentine ex-president Peron arrived in Nicaragua.
1959Nov 3Pres. Eisenhower laid the cornerstone for the CIA headquarters building in Langley, Va.
1960Nov 3Tammy Grimes’ “Unsinkable Molly Brown,” premiered in NYC.
1964Nov 3Robert Kennedy was elected senator from New York.
1968Nov 3In Greece thousands of people demonstrated against the fascist junta as ex-premier Georgios Papandreou is buried.
1970Nov 3President Nixon delivered a speech to explain why American troops in Vietnam had invaded the neutral country of Cambodia.
1971Nov 3The Clint Eastwood film “Play Misty For Me” premiered in NYC.
1978Nov 3Dominica gained independence from Britain.
1983Nov 3Jesse Jackson announced his candidacy for the office of President of the United States.
1986Nov 3“Ash-Shiraa,” a pro-Syrian Lebanese magazine, broke the story of U.S. arms sales to Iran, a revelation that escalated into the Iran-Contra affair.
1987Nov 3On Wall Street, after five consecutive gains, the Dow Jones industrial average closed down 50.56 points, ending the day at 1,963.53.
1988Nov 3Talk-show host Geraldo Rivera’s nose was broken as Roy Innis brawled with skinheads at TV taping.
1989Nov 3East German leader Egon Krenz delivered a nationally broadcast speech in which he promised sweeping economic and political reforms and called on East Germans to stay.
1990Nov 3Secretary of State James A. Baker the Third embarked on a fast-paced tour of seven countries to “lay the foundation” for possible military action against Iraq.
1991Nov 3Syria opened its first one-on-one meeting with Israel in 43 years.
1993Nov 3President Clinton joined his wife, Hillary, in attacking the health insurance industry. The lobby, accused by the first lady of lying, unveiled a new TV ad repeating there must be a “better way” than the Clinton health care reform plan.
1994Nov 3Twelve jurors were seated at the O.J. Simpson trial in Los Angeles.
1996Nov 3In Bulgaria in presidential elections Petar Stoyanov, 44, won with 61.9% of the vote
1998Nov 3In national elections, Democrats gained five House seats, trimming the Republican majority.
1999Nov 3In Seattle a gunman killed 2 men, wounded 2 others at the Northlake Shipyard building and then escaped into a nearby residential area.
2000Nov 3Five people died in central Texas over the last 2 days in car accidents due to flooding.
2001Nov 3The Arizona Diamondbacks beat the New York Yankees 15-2 to tie up the World Series at three games apiece.
2002Nov 3Kit Armstrong (10), pianist and sophomore at a Utah college, performed before a sold out audience at Stanford’s Dinkelspiel Auditorium.
2003Nov 3The US Congress voted its final approval for $87.5 billion for U.S. military operations and aid in Iraq and Afghanistan.
2004Nov 3Republicans tightened their grip on the US Senate adding 4 seats to hold 55. Democratic Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota lost to Rep. John Thune.
2005Nov 3North Korea’s abduction of Japanese citizens decades ago took center stage at the opening of talks in Beijing between the former bitter enemies.
2006Nov 3The US Labor Dept. said the jobless rate fell last month to 4.4%, a 5 year low.
2007Nov 3Agricultural giant Cargill Inc. said it is recalling over 1 million pounds of ground beef distributed in the United States because of possible E. Coli contamination.
2008Nov 3In Bangladesh Pres. Iajuddin Ahmed signed an order sending the army back to the barracks, drawing to an end the state of emergency that began Jan 11, 2007.
2009Nov 3The US began a new policy of engagement with Myanmar’s ruling military junta, sending two senior diplomats for the highest-level visit in more than a decade.
2010Nov 3The United States officially designated Jundallah, shadowy Sunni rebel group, a foreign terrorist organization, blaming it for a series of attacks in Iran.
2010Nov 3Somali pirates seized the Aly Zoulfecar, a Comoros-flagged ship, en route to the Tanzanian port city of Dar es Salaam with 29 people on board.
2011Nov 3US Republicans in the Senate dealt President Barack Obama the third in a string of defeats on his stimulus-style jobs agenda, blocking a $60 billion measure for building and repairing infrastructure like roads and rail lines.
2012Nov 3Authorities in Atlanta, Georgia, said a 2-year-old girl was killed and her infant brother wounded after someone fired gunshots through the door of a home as they slept alongside their grandmother.
2013Nov 3Bill Schumacher (b.1937), former Mayor of Daly City, Ca. (1978-1979), died in Palm Desert, Ca.
2014Nov 3The US Air Force fired two commanders and disciplined a third for lapses and misbehavior at intercontinental ballistic missile bases in North Dakota and Wyoming.

Source: Timelines of History