A remote Indonesian village on the island of west Sulawesi has recorded the attack of a seven-meter-long python on a man declared missing but was later found in the slit belly of the reptile.

The remains of 25-year-old Akbar Salubiro was recovered in the huge belly of the snake when cut open.

Cries were noticed from the palm grove by neighbours the night Mr Salubiro was missing and it was not long when they confirmed the sad incident.

A police spokesman in West Sulawesi remarked.

Mr Salubiro was believed to have been swallowed alive when he left his home to harvest palm oil.

Mr Salubiro’s family members got a notice of his disappearance and sought to know what went wrong when they sighted the python in his backyard looking rather well fed.

The seemingly tired python was found out in Akbar’s own back garden on Monday at about 10pm and this alerted them of being suffocated and killed.

Mr Salubiro’s remains was found still intact at the time he was discovered inside the snake after the reptile was cut open.

It dawn on the family members of the deceased man the havoc done to him when his full identity was revealed.