President Muhammadu Buhari has named Sabotage and theft of gas as the two major issues responsible for hampering the efforts of the government in the delivery of regular power supply in the country.


Speaking at an interactive session with Nigerians resident in the Iranian city of Tehran, the President revealed that henceforth, the existing Military Task-Forces will be regrouped in order to protect the network of gas pipelines.


He reiterated that sabotage of pipeline installations continued to be a problem against the effort of the government, but also noted that significant progress had been recorded in the sector in recent times.


Stating that the country had everything it takes to generate enough power for residents, the President said: “Power is a running battle because the saboteurs are still there. We have the potential. We have gas, we have qualified people, but we are contending with many saboteurs who go and blow up installations. When gas is pumped to Egbin and such other power stations, thieves and saboteurs such as militants cut those supplies.”


On the issue of corruption, President Buhari maintained that his administration is following due process of the law, which was responsible for the delay in the prosecution of the looters of the country’s economy.

He also revealed that some of the past officials had begun the voluntary return of stolen funds, but further added that his government was not satisfied with tokens from the past officials.