The world is yet to uncover what happened to Russia Metro Jet Airbus 321, which crashed over the Sinai on the 31st of October, immediately it took off from Egypt’s popular Sharm el-Sheikh resort.

The aircraft was said to be heading from Egypt to St Petersburg and was likely carrying tourists returning from holiday, back to their destination.

Report has it that there were no survivors from the crash, as all 224 passengers and the crew on board died in the crash.

It has been a mysterious crash because there have been different reports on the cause of the crash.

The cause of the explosion is not yet ascertained because there have been different accounts of the cause of the crash. This is because of the after effect it will have on the major countries involved; Russia and Egypt.

Further investigation into the identity of the passengers on board revealed that, there were 214 Russians, three Ukrainian and seven crew members.
A top prosecutor in Egypt ordered an investigation into the cause of the crash. A committee of representatives from Egypt, Ireland, Germany and Russia was created to carry out an investigation. In addition to the committee, a technical committee was also formed. This makes it a total of fifty-eighty professionals investigating into the cause of the crash.

The Islamic States (IS) have claimed responsibility for causing the crash. They released a video online praising their loyalist in Sinai for destroying the Metro Jet Airbus 321. However, Russia and Egypt have disagreed, saying it’s not consistent with what their investigation has revealed so far.

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However, contrary to Russia and Egypt’s opinion on the crash, there is a popular view that there might have been a possible explosion of the Metro Jet. This is due to the fact that the United Kingdom released a satellite video of a sudden flash of explosion as the Metro Jet got to the Sinai peninsula.

A senior Egyptian air traffic official said there were no distress calls, only that the pilot called for an emergency landing at Cairo airport due to technical malfunction. Also, Russia aviation officials told the media that the pilot said in his last communication that he had radio trouble. This they reported wasn’t long enough before the plane disappeared from the radar.

The doctors who examined the bodies in Egypt revealed that the bodies were seriously burnt; while forensic experts revealed that there were no traces of bombs in the body.

A citizen of the United Kingdom who came for tourism in Egypt said she flew in days before the explosion; she noted that security was porous and the possibility of a bomb implanted in the plane should not be ruled out. Against her opinion North Sinai security forces said the crash was caused by a possible technical fault yet to be ascertained.

The divergent views of what happened to the Metro jet made the Prime minister of the UK to recall its citizens from Egypt. But reports in the media aver that the United States picked up intelligence days before the disaster happened. This was the reason they are of the same opinion with the United Kingdom that a ”˜big event’ was planned by the Jihadist.

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Why is the Chaos being investigated?
Political commentators and analysts are of the opinion that both Egypt and Russia could choose to conceal the truth for various reasons. On the part of Egypt, declaring Sinai as unsafe because of the presence of the Islamic State (IS) would be a major blow to their tourism industry. The tourism industry contributes a major part of Egypt’s GDP. And the news saying Egypt is unsafe will not only scare tourists, but will scare foreign investors wanting to invest in Egypt.

The instability in Egypt as a result of the Muslim brotherhood and other groups would be viewed as an embracement of the Jihadist movement of the Islamic States and this will not be good for Egypt.

On the part of Russia, the news of a successful hit on the Russian Metro Jet would be a reprisal attack for establishing their presence in Syria. Russia’s successful attack on the Islamic State (IS) location in Syria is now being threatened, as the Jihadist group could choose to still hit more of its passenger flight plying other routes.

Also, it will reveal to the world the poorer, unintelligent state of the Russian intelligence, knowing that the United States whom Russia is fronting on major world issues ranging from the war in Syria to the crisis in Ukraine claims, had intelligence of the happening before it occurred.

So, who would reveal the truth of what happened to the Metro Jet Airbus 321 Crash?

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