By Professor Femi Ajayi
The new measurement contraptions for the hundred days for the Nigerian executive politicians, have been filled with the repression modish governance, especially at the Federal level, leisurely forming the cabinet and ruling in fiat, by telling Nigerians that his actions and decisions outside the dictates of the Nigerian Constitution, are in order. Meanwhile the mass population are jubilating and happy, preferring dictatorship to democratic process. — Countdown to Buhari’s 100 Days Body Language in Office, May 29 – September 6, 2015.

Once in a while we share comments from our Readers on some of our articles with the large audience. In addition we took the controversial 100 Days of PMB’s at work to WhatsApp forum with APC’S contradictory statements and Buhari’s Body Language. Happy Reading.

Buhari: “I also never campaigned to be president; it was all Tinubu and Amaechi’s affair. If you remember I was in London and never aware what was going on” – I am not submitting to burnt-out politicians.

PMB’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu: “There is a certain document tagged “One Hundred Things Buhari Will Do in 100 Days” and the other, “My Covenant With Nigerians.” Both pamphlets bore the authorised party logo but as the Director of Media and Communications in that campaign, I did not fund or authorise any of those. I can equally bet my last Kobo that candidate Buhari did not see or authorise those publications. As a consequence of these publications, expectations have been raised unreasonably, that as President, Muhammadu Buhari will wave his hand and all the problems that the country faces – insecurity, corruption, unemployment, poor infrastructure would go away. But that notwithstanding, President Buhari has given the job his best shot and the whole country is saying that we never had it so good. He has re-instituted the values of hard work and administrative efficiency”¦”

Gege: Dear Mr. Femi Ajayi, I do not agree with your assessments or characterisation of the Buhari’s government so far. It is a global knowledge that Nigeria is amongst the top ten most corrupt countries in world. Some even say three: India, Pakistan and Nigeria. Regardless, the issue is your intent to use a threshold period of 100 days in gauging the competency of the Buhari’s government. I believe, as an initial matter, that your use of the 100 days is colonial and unrealistic. U.S. as the country that initiated the 100 days benchmark is incomparable to Nigeria in many ways. Also, their style of governance, infrastructure and populace are much more robust and established. There is an acceptable system of co-ordination and interaction within its system between its institutions that has developed over centuries ago. Moreover, they did not adopt their system of governance – democracy – but developed a unique one which has been adjusted along the way. Here, Nigeria adopted a foreign system of government in the name of democracy, which was not adjusted to reflect its citizenship, realities and traditions. Creation of more states, government contracts and political positions were pursued to fill these voids. As a result, the exercise in self-governance continues to stumble and face serious challenges. So far, no viable institution exist. Corruption plagues every living and non-living entity in the country; and even those outside its shores also bears the brunt of its evil ways. Consequently, there is the total distortion and disruption of the labor market and a just and livable society does not exist in Nigeria as a result of bribery, nepotism, egotism and religious fanaticism. Hence, Nigeria continues to lag behind its full potential, with massive brain-drain and exploitation of natural resources to foreign lands. Under these circumstances, I put it to you that your 100 days report card will be an unreasonable, unfair and premature exercise. This government is facing very dire challenges and, so far, has demonstrated the willingness to tackle these problems. Expectedly, some goals will be achieved, and some will not be accomplished. Uncontrollably circumstances will happen and world events may affect the calculations too. However, none will be accomplished if the current state of corruption is not reined in. Therefore, above all, we as concerned citizens should and can provide relevant advice, reliable information and patriotic support. (Available technology makes this possible). Only then can we assess the Buhari’s government. In short, it should not be based on the passing of an arbitrary 100 days. Gege Odion.

Femi: Dear Gege Odion, I appreciate your comments. The status of Nigeria across the world, in terms of corruption, is nothing to write home about. That is for sure. An average Nigerian whose quests is to display the latest in technology and the resources at the disposal are not up to par with the taste, will eventually steal, thief, or corrupt, whichever name we give to taking what belongs to the public. Either 100 days threshold is Ancient or Modern, is one of his campaign promises, expressed by his megaphone then, Tinubu, the documents were tagged “One Hundred Things Buhari will do in 100 days”, and the other, “My Covenant with Nigerians”, of which Buhari would say that’s Amaechi and Tinubu promising that while he was in London. We are measuring his administration with his campaign manifesto. Until an average Nigerian changes the Mindset, the fight on corruption by Buhari’s administration, who is not going to be there forever, would be a child play. Just like you stated, part of his challenge, which I mentioned in the piece, is to establish a strong Institution for the Country. I appreciate your contribution to this debate. God bless you. Femi.

Odion: Prof; Have you heard of the latest about the Presidency in Guatemala. The President was removed from office yesterday and stripped of immunity from facing corruption charges involving embezzlement of millions of dollars from a state agency. The V-P was sworn in shortly thereafter. Note: the event was instigated by an unprecedented uproar from the citizens of Guatemala about government corruption. I look forward to such a day in Nigeria. Gege Odion.

Femi: Oga Sir, The day would come in this Generation and Nigeria will be the bride of the World to do business with, and a place we could all return to and retire peacefully. God bless. Femi.

Iguade: There is nothing to countdown in so called Buhari’s 100 days but failures upon failures upon failures. Failed promises to fight corruption, because Buhari’s administration has increased corrupt practices since 1999. Failed promises to comply with the law and publicly disclose personal assets as required under the law. Thus, Buhari’s regime has exhibited the inability of the government to fight corruptions. Failed promises on governance – no cabinet or team in place to run the government ministries efficiently. Thus, waste of human and capital resources. Increase in Police Road Blocks! Meaning increase in indirect taxation and levy on the masses, a weighted financial burden on the masses, thus lack of growth in the system. What can Buhari possibly count down as success story in 100 days? Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, zilch, zero, nothing means NOTHING! God help Nigerians see road, because they have been had, screwed! Sai Iguade

Femi: Iguade, I appreciate your contribution. God bless. Femi.

Peter: Hello sir, please remove me from your mailing list. I don’t enjoy your articles because they are always full of double speak. I have never seen you taken a position on any issues affecting the country you love to write about. Thank you for removing my email from your list. Peter Adewumi.

Femi: Yes Sir, Oga Peter, My analysis is based on a balanced thought educating my readers to make objective decisions. We brainstorm to get the country on the right path; as all of us could not, and should not, ‘sleep with our heads on the same direction’. We rub civilised minds to get to the ‘promised’ land. God bless. Femi.

Gambaribt”¦: Nigeria in first 100days of Buhari administration. Good news about Buhari is now coming from NTA network. Reduction of politicians faces from news line all we see now are technocrats. Stoppage of war drum from Niger Delta war lords. No more dangerous statements coming from our politicians. Nigerians now look at Boko Haram as bunch of misled Nigerians who are now getting their ass kicked. Refineries are now working. Fuel importers are now begging, Electricity is now at an average of 12 to 15hrs a day. Ogoni is getting cleanup, Policing is no longer for only the rich but the poor. Check points have now varnished. Corrupt government officials are now retiring themselves. While others are returning their loots voluntarily. IGR is increasing and external reserve is also rising dramatically, Now properties in Abuja are cheaper than in many other states. Government and all agencies are now having a single account TSA. Our greedy banks are no longer collecting dollar deposits. Appointment is now based on merit. Nigerian politicians show less interest to be appointed as ministers. For over a month there was no statement coming from the first lady and the wife of the president is traveling on commercial flights. All this is done without a minister, is all done by one man, one mind, one soul without the interference of others. What will happen to Nigeria after ministers are appointed? No part of our developmental requirement is been ignored. What a change! What a great leader!! Sai Baba!

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Femi: His Body Language is really working to bring out that aspect of an average Nigerian”¦.. Femi.

When the debate was delivered to my WhatsApp Group, here are few of what transpired among them:

Morayo: what this group is all about Prof Ajayi? Who is he? Is he a doctor by profession: hello, anyone out there.

Fatungase: It’s all about Prof Ajayi columnist view

Morayo: We won’t judge Buhari now but we Nigerians are expecting the best from him. There should be change all over: getting back what was stolen from our treasury will be the best thing he could ever do. I personally is expecting a new Nigeria, yes that’s the word: masses welfare, am a mother of two and a single parent, it has not been an easy task at all, who cares if the head of fighters roll; change must speak out in Nigeria; May God help us; help Buhari too; am happy with him now because of what he has been doing to civil servant; May God continue to work with him. Hmmmmmmmm! It is well. Ok. God will help him

Ekwocha: He is a very good man, lover of peace and unity of the country, not just an advocate, but also an agitator and nationalist in mood of Herbert Macaulay. Ajayi is a good professor of political science, conflict management and resolutions. Above all, he is a good philanthropist. Google his name and look for his backgrounds. I am Professor John Ekwuocha. Buhari should be given time to settle down. Don’t be concerned with his appointment now and give him one year before this measurement and evaluations. Don’t condemn or judge Buhari now. Does your best mean getting back what was stolen from our treasury or putting the looters in jail for a long time? Note: don’t expect Buhari to do what he did in 1984 and 1985. We have to remember his age and today’s Nigerian environment. A lot of corrupt Nigerians are super rich with enough resources to fight back and afford the services of the lawyers in the world. Remember that when you fight corruption without adequate preparations, including public awareness campaign, the heads of the fighters might roll. I am sure the president will deliver, or at least do better than his predecessors. The indices for measuring will be recalibrated just to make it easier for people to understand. For example, the number of appointees from a zone will not be used for evaluating this administration. Remember that these appointees are looking for their pockets and not the welfare of the suffering masses. That particular index doesn’t build capacity for the zones the appointees come from. If Enugu International Airport is expanded and a lot international flights begin to come. Do you know how many jobs it is going to be creating? Another example, if big ships begin to come to Onitsha to offload containers, guess how many jobs that will come to southeast, south-south and north central. They will not care about how many appointees come the zone and please don’t misunderstand me, cheating any zone in appointment is not right, unless there are acceptable justifications for that. Buhari should try and use federal character module, unless it becomes destructive and a cog in the engine of development. People will now compare the job creating and capacity-building of this administration and that of Obasanjo that had a lot of appointees from southeast without anything to show for it except it made those appointees super rich and impoverished many. 1) power supply, 2) jobs, 3) security, 4) conducive business environment to attract foreign and domestic investors, 5) diversification in the economy-our cocoa, rice, ground and other minerals should be developed, 6) level of corruption, 7) national integration or ethnic harmony (not cohesion by coercion) etc. We quantify these indices by assigning figures accordingly and evaluate: We can measure everything, including the level of love between lovers, just develop good methodology. That is all. Bring up anything, I will tell you how to measure it. LAGOS is one of the largest economy in Africa, oil or no oil. I mean that Lagos is one of the largest economies not economy in Africa. On a lighter note the weather in Atlanta, Georgia is very nice this early afternoon and we should all pray for the rain in the southern Nigeria to reduce”¦ No, too much rain is destructive: I used to be a farmer, melon plant and others will not do well. Farmers from southeast are crying. Please too much rain, again, is not good for any plant.

Bucky: We have started feeling the change.

Fatungase: Prof John. Nigerians don’t have that type of patience again. We all know our problems. He shouldn’t waste further time in diagnosing Nigeria problems. PMB should hit the ground. According to WB, we are the number 170th poorest country in the world with all our natural resources: We need food security, light, good roads, employment, and shelter among others. This is what he should be fixing now. Nobody is contesting that Prof. but I think he shouldn’t forget the masses welfare too. And what is that if I may ask? Prof. GMB is the most powerful president in the world. He only need to create a special tribunal to prosecute corrupt leaders. And at the same time focus on his deliverables to the citizens of Nigeria without bias or prejudice. It’s so easy to measure output after all 180M Nigerians can’t be absolutely wrong. PMB should stop talking and start performing after all he’s made Nigerians believed GEJ has failed. 180M people of this country home and abroad. Chris don’t be sarcastic; People in glass houses don’t throw stones. PMB now know governance is not easy as expected. This is not a military regime. If he can’t perform he should leave. To be candid, there’s a very thin line between creativity and craziness. There’s so much rancor on GEJ regime which will serve as bad standard for PMB. He should focus on his promises and leave GEJ alone after all corruption didn’t start from his regime. The rain started late and we farmers pray for more rain!! Too much u said. I agree with u. Amen

Christian: Well… they came in 1966 promising to fight corruption, they ended up endorsing it. Now that our civilian-proselyte president is here again clamoring to fight corruption and recover loots, I hope his fight will not be selective. He should know that these criminals are super-rich that some of them can personally create and run their own states. Any selective form of judgement will simply give them access to public pity. However, I want to submit that the president should use the available resources to create wealth for the nation. Even if all loots are recovered and no impact is felt, what then is the basis of the recovery? I cannot possibly evaluate his 100 days. Not just because of the stalled appointments, there are no policies yet too to drive tangible sectors of our economy. The APC claimed in their manifesto to have vibrant policies available before election. 100 days after swearing in, I have not heard of one of those policies. Probably because there are no ministers. Everything is just stagnant…. some are saying that it’s just 100 days but let’s not forget that when you fail to apply appropriate ingredients in a pot of soup at the right time, you are simply risking spoiling the whole thing. Mr. President, we need a solid foundation now, election is over, stop giving PDP and Goodluck cheap popularity. Take us to Canaan. Is there any new policy yet? Security? Well… just some changes here and there… Nigerians are still divided over that; Economy, the Dollar-Naira exchange has been the dominant talk. Expectations are high, Perceptions (ethnic-biased), that’s the problem. Why do you want to correlate with GEJ? He has been tagged a failure…he should be no standard in anyway. If we take it bit by bit, we can then do a better essay. The country is in a state of mess. We all admit to that. What is the way forward? That’s what we want to see”¦ Since he is still in a state of flux, correlating him to GEJ gives his backbones the nerve to speak”¦ Let’s evaluate him based on his campaign promises and expectations he created in our minds; then we will need appropriate data to compare him with GEJ’s 100 days in office too. The correlation with GEJ is based on the need to pinpoint status (state of the nation – if you will) so that we can effectively state what is and what is not. Then where will you place perception? Because it differs among the 180M. Those who believe a minority should never rule and those who don’t. In the case of Power; Punch reported this week that Power supply has gone up due to security measures taken to prevent gas-pipeline Vandals: GEJ supporters are now saying that APC was responsible for the vandalism while GEJ was in power: And have stopped now that PMB is in power; there are so many things we can’t empirically measure in this country…: And this issue is one of them. It’s Either PMB’s promise or nothing. No comparison. No correlation. Target is target, business is business, and he fails he fails. The absence of data notwithstanding. We can input some facts from the outputs. Don’t you know that Lagos is different from Enugu? Do you think all Nigerians feel same impact? So what will be the standard output, even power supply is still very poor in some regions? Who will tell us where GEJ stopped when they say that he did not even start in the first place… I concede your point, but we may zone the analysis in other to establish a trend. How many people from other tribes do you know? If you’re in Lagos, do you know what it takes to survive in Borno or Ebonyi? Who is Nigeria? We all. Why will you take Lagos? Why not Zamfara? ”¦ My point is if we have to measure the quality of governance across the 36 states and capital, every region must be adequately represented, else we are joking. It’s a central government. No assumption. I refuse to profile GMB till I see his team. This should be reality. Not some form of economic assumption”¦ You go to ShopRite to buy Gari in Lagos while someone has to grind Cassava to get in Ekiti. What is the correlation here? The country is divided, just accept it… the masses are bias. Even if Buhari fails to some people he will be forever be better than GEJ. We can check if the Ekiti man has fuel at 87 or not. Even in Ekiti, standard still differs among region. Our direct impact to the central in this country is fuel, police, road and power. We need to go beyond that. Even those impacts are not evenly enjoyed. How many federal roads are built in Nkalagu? I respect Lagos but let’s develop other regions and see what Lagos would be left off. Structural developments is good, human development is zero. Build more ports in this country, let’s see if the Igbos will not desert Lagos. Nigerians voted PMB out of frustration… PDP frustration, I hope PMB delivers, if not let’s wait for some more time, hope is on the way ??. I still have problem with the feeding of Primary school pupils program though: It’s awkward to me: Well… maybe the farmland needs the rain. I don’t know but I believe God gives as he deems best: God will help us. Thanks sir.

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Terency: Prof. can you setup a framework for evaluating the 100 days so we can critically assess it. Policy thrust – foreign and local security – internal and external economy – As a function of various metrics polity – perception, expectation and reality. In this way we can cognitively correlate it with the GEJ status. GEJ has been tagged a failure but not yet proven as one in empirical terms. It is difficult to debate GMB when all indices of his manifesto are continuously in a state of flux. We are asking our president to prove that. His handlers keep repudiating his campaign promises. Chris and that is why we must be empirical so as to avoid the IBB shifting goal post conundrum. For instance power was at 2100MW as at May 29 and has ramped up to 4800MW by August 31, 2015. On the surface it will be credited to GMB. But by engineering terms, something must have preceded that ramped up power results; who do we then credit that to, the off taker beneficiary or the planner and policy executor. If we credit the increase to GMB, then we must also credit the 30% depreciation of the naira to him in like token. Chris you just nailed it. I agree with you that we hold him to his words (if we can pin it down) but we need to know where GEJ claimed to stop and where GMB reportedly started from. So we may take Lagos and look at all indexes from a Lagos prism. : No I meant Lagos as an example. Not in exclusivity. Point concede, but I am sure we must find common indices to use ad benchmarks. That innately is an impact on him. In 100 days, GMB has ramped up on the Multi Regional Task Force. Which is squarely a GEJ heritage. He has recorded more deaths per week than GEJ averaged. The naira has lost 35% in value and he has superintend a bailout of debts that were frivolously acquired without a head rolling. In essence by midwifing the bailout fund for salaries to be paid, his anti-corruption stance is dead on arrival. In 100 days. Nigerians subsidised fuel prices and yet paid premium to have the subsidised product. Gentlemen and Ladies. I have enjoyed a decent conversation, devoid of rough language. It’s my warm pleasure to chat with you all.

Tunde: Nice piece there on Nigeriaworld! Utilisping the Roosevelt’s appraisal tool…. ‘100 days in office’ in measuring the leadership stewardship of President Muhammadu Buhari might come with a mix of praise & criticism, but one thing that is obvious and can’t be waved off is that his body language shows the ex-military general meant his words when he promised Nigerians that he will fight corruption, to restore the nation back to integrity and probity. This, the President Buhari has achieved even without a cabinet to assist him in three months. On the fight against terrorism, President Buhari should be commended for ordering the Command and Control Centre of the fight against the Boko Haram terrorists’ sect to Maiduguri from its cozy base in Abuja. That singular action of getting the military Chiefs off Abuja to the battle field has been described as a plausible leadership quality from a man that understands the acts of war. The results of the new strategies are showing with the military decimating some of the strongholds of the sect in the north eastern parts of Nigeria and the formation of a regional joint military force with other neighboring countries. There is an affirmed improvement in the power sector, owing to just the body language of the president knowing fully well that under PMB, sharp practices have no room. So many other facets of our national challenges, which were erstwhile in a comatose state are suddenly working just because a new no-nonsense sheriff is in town. While our economy might not have been seen to be out of the doldrums yet, there is a positive general outlook of a bounce back if things continue on the present right path. Some feel the President has failed in his appointments. I am of the opinion that the President should choose those who he’s sure would deliver over selections based on federal equality. If this experiment works, Nigerians would start learning how not to care about where government officials come from but rather ask if the person is capable. Then, we’ll all achieve true nationalism and eschew tribalism. That mentality of “having my person there in government” was due to the mistrust, lack of transparency and corruption going on in the system where people believe the only way you can benefit is to have government representation. We can only hope for a better tomorrow while waiting for a befitting cabinet that would usher us into a season of witnessing a Nigeria of our dreams. Let’s all join hands and make sure this works. That’s the least we can do. God bless Nigeria. Oguntimehin Babatunde, A News/Planning Producer @ a Pan-African TV station

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Julius: Going by his first 100 days in office, I will say PMB has set some things straight and will work for the betterment of Nigeria and will also fulfill the social contract theory he made with Nigerians.

Oscar: The fear of PMB is real. It also makes him to get away with what others before him got blasted for. Lucky man.

Salma: Well-done Sir, I think I will suggest we drop the 100 days celebration thing. Most especially, now that the controversy is still very fresh in the media. It is not about what to say but I perceived that the resources to air our view seems to be limited for now. I therefore humbly suggest, that we target October 1st (Independent Day) which is about 25 days away and sponsor a newspaper congratulatory advert (preferably 1/2 a page). There, we briefly introduce our group, mission, and vision, congratulates Nigeria(ians), our noble icon ABAT, PMB, and as well stylishly enumerates briefly, some of the achievements of the current administration so far. If my suggestion above is meaningful, then, I recommend The Nation or Punch newspapers for that purpose and electronic media such as Radio Nigeria. Thanks.

JohnDara: Prof Ajayi, I like the idea of a random selection of citizens coming together to discuss current public affairs. 100 days or 1000 days, it’s immaterial. I’ve just read your opinion on the 100 Days of PMB. I think it is typical of our national discourse, too predictable. One can predict where most writers come from depending on where they come from. The partisans are also predictable. We need a visionary, disciplined, strong willed and decisive leader to fast track Nigeria’s pace of development. Jonathan was not any of these. Despite our justified misgivings, Buhari appeared to be a better option. We must watch him closely and critically, but we must give him enough time and space. Like Yoruba people would say, let’s not pronounce the (abiku) baby dead until we hear from the mother. For the sake of Nigeria, we must wish Buhari well and hope he succeeds in moving Nigeria forward. I remain in my PDP, hoping that new improved leaders will emerge to lead my party to future victories.

Olu: In support of Haj Salman I wish we adopt another name like “Change Watch” or something else.

Doyin: Just reading this chat. Can we look beyond 100 days? What next. We cannot achieve anything talking about what has passed, where are we now and where do we want to find ourselves and chart a direction that will guide PMB on the success path.

Stella: I totally agree with you. If you’re not looking for messiah but a leader. What was GEJ? Please colleagues let us leave PMB to do his work. I have confidence in him. Also let him employ those he can work with and deliver Nigeria from bandits. Stealing became a norm that if you in power and not steal, you re regarded a fool. Nigerian society honor rich people irrespective of how one gets the money. The highest titles are given to them in their various communities. We should work with the president and stop this unnecessary criticism. I am not bothered about who he gets to works with him so long as goods are delivered.

Yinka: I hope Femi Ajayi’s argument is not that governance and fighting corruption are sets of mutually exclusive policy choices. Or, that each of these objectives compose of clearly definable outcomes. Yinka

Bala: AKPABIO AND THE POVERTY OF MIND OF NIGERIAN LEADERS: Akpabio had an accident with a 30 million naira car. That is the entire life savings of President Muhammadu Buhari; a former Governor, Minister of Petroleum, Army Secretary, GOC, Former Military Head of State, Chairman PTF and currently a seating President. If Akpabio had held the kind of offices that President Buhari has held, he will be hell by now living in a 100 billion dollar mansion, driving armored tanks as convoy, own Atlantic Ocean as swimming pool, own Obasanjo farm as his food store and Aso Rock as his boys’ quarters. What a poverty of mind! That is the kind of mess that PDP left Nigeria in. May God continue to save Nigeria from the hands of evil leaders, protect and guide PMB. Long live FRN.

Mozie: PDP, APC, APGA, AFN etc., should stop politicising issues. Campaigning is over. Let us pool together regardless of tribe or religion and unconditionally support and pray for President Buhari to succeed. If he succeeds we all succeed. Our country will succeed. Nigerians in Diaspora that I represent are willing and ready to support this administration to surprise the world in a very positive way. God bless all of us. God bless GMB. God bless Nigeria.

Ekundayo: Prof, thank you for adding me. The sampling of people’s opinion about PMB’s 100 days in office is very interesting, more so when PMB himself or his party APC did not make any promise(s) to anybody on 100 days in office. Therefore, any meaningful assessment may be difficult. However, because of the dismal performance of the IPP or GEJ, expectations are very high. Therefore, PMB has not commenced governance. He has not even constituted his cabinet or appointed his ministers. He has only shown some flashes or indicators, like the Prof said, through his body language. This is not enough. Nigeria and Nigerians expect much more from PMB. He should settle down fast and start rolling out the dividends of democracy and good governance. Failure to do this within an appreciable period, or, time-frame, may incur the wrath of the highly impatient Nigerians, who have started calling him ‘Baba Go Slow’. PMB should hit the ground running. Time is of great essence. I wish our PMB good health and divine guidance from above.

Emmanuel: With profound respect to the member of this group, I remain loyal. The issue here is not just the political icons, but we the masses have an important role to play, to help ourselves eradicate some of the minute problem we have in our country at the grass root. It is true that God has decibels what was their work? Is to help him, we started criticising PMB now but is just the truth, he has to appoint personnel to help him run the government in a crucial way not just appointment but dedicated people now. The government wont be a lose government, lets give him moral, he is not Mr. infrastructure, but God chose him, just as God choose Moses to lead the Israelites of Egypt, it weren’t easy rather many of them cried as many of us are crying. Let watch with massive work to eradicate corrupt practices which is bringing us backward.

Iguare: PMB has scored an all-time low as far as appointments are concerned. What then is nepotism as against equity? The greatest regret Nigerians will have is to leave PMB to do his work. Is there anybody called Mr. Know All? We have been making that mistake of going to sleep after voting in a leader. We should be more involved even after elections. Nigeria is a collective property so we can’t leave PMB alone because we are all involved.

Elder Ayeni: I wonder what the fuss is all about. Must we judge ahead of judgment? Majority of Nigerians are in a hurry at every facet of life. This is how they hasten preceding leaders in & out. Antecedents voted for Buhari. He knows Nigeria well & I believe how to tackle it also. How many of you can stake his life as he is currently doing without compromise? Remember Murtala Mohammad etc, please don’t defocus him for God’s sake BUHARI IS NOT THE MESSIAH BUT PREPARING THE WAY like John the Baptist did for Jesus.

Adedoyin: PMB is very lucky, slow and steady and very focus. He needs our support to forge ahead.

Kenny: Me I just dey waka pass

Bola: PMB is a GOD’s gift. We give GOD all the glory.

Femi Ajayi is a Professor of Policy, Management & Conflict Resolution, at Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State.

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