The government of Kenya in response to a three-week teachers’ strike have shutdown public schools.

A Kenyan court had ordered a pay rise of at least 50%. But the government is challenging, with President Uhuru Kenyatta arguing that salary increase would damage government finances. He said the teachers are already well paid.

While teachers are of the opinion that a pay deal struck in 1997 has only been partially fulfilled, Kenyatta insisted that, “the award has been settled in full”.

The government said last week that the move to close the schools was to protect children, staff, and property and to also allay the worries of parents.

The more than one million pupils who will sit public exams next month are allowed to go to school, but it is not clear if there will be staff available to teach them.

Private schools have also been told to shut, but report states some have defied the order.

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