Oyo State police have arrested Eji, a notorious gang leader who was terrorizing some parts of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

It was gathered that Eji was the second in command to the leader of “One Million Boys”, Abiola Ebila, who was killed in Ibadan in July 2020.

Director-General of Oyo State Joint Security Task Force, popularly known as ‘Operation Burst’, Col. Oladipo Ajibola (rtd.), confirmed the arrest of the gang leader.

He said, “Operation Burst has been able to reduce criminality in Oyo State, people now go about doing their businesses without fear, we have effected a lot of arrests in relation to cultism, yahoo boys and other criminals and hand them over to the right security agency concerned, the high profile among the criminal cases was Abiola Ebila. Abiola Ebila, the leader of one million boys was a kidnapper and we got him through one of the personalities he kidnapped while he was asking for ransom. The elimination of Abiola Ebila has sent other gang leaders out of Oyo State and we are still trailing those who are their minions.”

He added, “We have succeeded in getting one of them recently who was the second in command to the late Ebila, we handed him over to another security agency for proper investigation and prosecution and we urge the general public to avail the security agencies prompt information to nip criminality in the bud.”

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