The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) has condemned Russian incursions into Turkish airspace as an “extreme danger” and demanded that Moscow halt all attacks against the Syrian opposition and civilians.


The alliance summoned the ambassadors of its 28 member states on Monday for an emergency meeting to respond to what Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called “unacceptable violations of Turkish airspace”.


According to NATO, “We strongly protest these violations of Turkish sovereign airspace and condemn these incursions into and violations of NATO airspace. We also note the extreme danger of such irresponsible behaviour.”


US Secretary of State John Kerry said his country was “greatly concerned” about the incursion over the weekend.


Kerry added, “We are greatly concerned about it because it is precisely the kind of thing that, had Turkey responded, it could have resulted in a shoot-down, and it is precisely the kind of thing we warned against,” Kerry said during a visit to Chile.


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