Professor Tony Anwukah, the Minister of State for Education, while speaking to journalists in Abuja mentioned that the Nigerian education system would be reviewed soon.

He said basic education is almost in ruins, and that it would warrant a total reform, specifically, he noted that there will be intense teachers’ training to salvage the system.

The Minister challenged the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, TRCN to make extra effort to ensure that individuals who are interested in teaching in Nigeria are duly trained and certified for the profession.

In Prof Anwukah words: “I want to push for major review in primary school level and our pressing worry is based on poor quality of teachers.

“NCE used to be the minimum bench mark for training in Nigeria but now it has become an all-comer game, teaching must stop from becoming an all-comer game, we must not let teaching become a fall-back profession.

“Moreso, the training of teachers is not in consonance with subjects they are required to teach. You will see an NCE graduate who studied physics education teaching integrated science in primary school.

“There are a lot of banana peels littered everywhere and the change mantra is here, everyone must wake up to true service,” he added.

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