Consequent  upon Sunday’s exit of Afenifere’s leader, Pa Reuben Fasoranti, NewsBreakers gathered that other leaders of the group were shocked, and weighing options on the way forward for the group. It was equally learnt that Afenifere is committed to its philosophy as espoused by its founding fathers.

In a statement issued by its chairman, Wale Oshun, Afenifere maintained that the group which Fasoranti led until Sunday, had derailed from the group’s ideology.

It would be recalled that Fasoranti who resigned Sunday had cited “membership disloyalty” and “gradual erosion of the group’s goals.”

However, NewsBreakers gathered that Fasoranti’s reasons may not have gone down well with two prominent members of the group, Chief Ayo Adebanjo and Chief Seinde Arogbofa, who stated that he resigned due to old age.

According to them, “He (Fasoranti) is old. He is 89. That is why he resigned. Papa (Adekunle) Ajasin and (Abraham) Adesanya did not attain that ripe old age. Pa Fasoranti said the youths don’t listen to elders again and that they behave as they like. When Ajasin was weak, he asked Adesanya to act.

“When Adesanya took ill, we appointed him (Fasoranti) as leader. There is nothing unusual about his resignation. We have no crisis. The man has been sick of late. He just left the hospital a few days ago. The job is rigorous. We hold a lot of meetings. Go and read his statement.

“We will meet and appoint a new leader. When we get to the meeting, we will attend to the vacancy. When we meet, we will appoint a new leader. I can’t tell you how a new leader will emerge until we meet.”

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