The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), alongside it’s founder, Prophet T.B Joshua will today hold a memorial service in honour of the victims of the September 12, 2014 building collapse in the Ikotun, Lagos premises of the church.

Even though the event will be taking place in South Africa, indications are on the high side that the clergy has sent a delegation from Nigeria to take part in activities leading to the memorial service.

It has remained the contention of the SCOAN founder, that those who lost their lives in the collapsed guest house belonging to the church and who are South Africans mostly, were on appointment with God and therefore believes that they did not die in vain.

In the meantime, several months after a Lagos State Coroners Court sitting in Ikeja delivered it’s judgement with a directive to the Lagos State government to commence prosecution of the contractors that handled the collapsed guest house, experts have issued a warning that the government might be chasing shadows instead of focusing on the real issues that resulted into the incident.

Specifically, they are of the opinion that the manner in which the building collapsed queries the security consciousness of the government, especially in an era when terrorism is becoming highly scientific and sophisticated.

For instance, a combatant captain and blasts specialist in the late General Adekunle-led 3rd Marine Commandoes during the Nigerian Civil War, Michael Oyediran while speaking from his Felele, Ibadan residence noted that he was alarmed at the September 12 incident and how government inquest handled the matter.

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According to the captain, “Considering the evidence of those engineers and the scientist, I became very worried because infrasound implosion was used in my time during the Nigerian Civil War.”
Equally giving his opinion on the collapsed guest house owned by the church, retired Captain Tele Olagundoye, who was of the 3MCO, said in retrospect: “”¦I watched the collapse of that building on Youtube.

The way it collapsed brought back memories of some of our operations during the Nigerian Civil War and made me fear that terrorism has gone deeply scientific.

“Now seeing the way government is ignoring dangerous signals and chasing after shadows makes me worry that insurgents may have penetrated and tested the ground of Lagos successfully and the authorities don’t know yet.”

It is recalled that the Department of State Services (DSS) arrested recently some Boko Haram commanders in certain areas of Lagos State. It would also be recalled that a Boko Haram member had come to The SCOAN to confess the group’s failed plans to bomb the church.

In the words of the insurgent who had spoken on Emmanuel TV, “We would have carried out our evil plan but for divine gifts of the man of God who kept appearing to me in my dreams.”

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