Exactly twenty-five top private secondary schools in Nigeria have scheduled the first three days in April to woo Nigerian parents in London to patronise their schools.


The schools’ representatives will have to prove they are worthy of having international standards while promoting African values, which many parents complain are lacking in schools abroad at the Top Nigerian private Secondary School 2016 UK Education Fair.


The Managing Director of Brand Edge Limited, Mr Femi Akinwunmi is leading the expedition holding at the London Excel Dockland, London.


Akinwunmi disclosed that participating schools, who are all members of the Association of Private Educators of Nigeria (APEN), were carefully selected to ensure they met standards commensurate with British schools in the delivery of quality education and more.


One of the participants, Mrs Joke Chukwuma, proprietress of the Children International School (CIS), Lekki, said she was excited to be a part of the exercise, adding that it provides a platform to showcase Nigerian schools.


She reiterated; “Nigerian schools have some advantages over their foreign counterparts because, in addition to academics, they instil discipline, promote culture and values, and inspire pupils to succeed.


“Aside from that, discipline, respect, empathy, being a proud member of the community, are all positive attributes that we feel our culture embraces.  And we feel we cannot afford to lose these values lest our children become delinquent members of the society.


“This conference is actually a very opportune moment in the state of this nation where for a change it is not all doom or gloom about the educational sector in Nigeria. It’s an opportunity for us to showcase that indeed there are good things happening where education is concerned.”


Akinwunmi said the three-day programme would give an opportunity for interaction between parents/their pupils and the school, which is better than just visiting the schools’ websites.


“Schools from other countries come to showcase their schools and admit students.  I cannot say we can do that now with our universities but we have more than enough secondary schools that meet international standards,” he added.


The schools scheduled to take part at the fair include CIS, Grange School, Ikeja, British International School, Greensprings School, to mention a few.